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Wii FNF: Wii're Baaaack


That is right, after a long hiatus, we have returned! Since we will have some visitors from across the pond, it will be a Kart and Bomberman event (mostly Kart).

And like I have said before, our FNF's are more about the gathering and less about the games, so if you don't have a Kart, actually if you don't have a Wii, grab a white TV remote, load up some Kart YouTube vids and join us on skype... hell we won't even have to dick with Kart Kodes that way.

If you are going to play and we haven't hooked up in the past, make sure you post your Kart Kode below (or just do the YouTube thing).

I think ryu89 might be doing the Brawl thing too.

Mario Kart:
Mine Kart Kode: 3738 0140 6156
Digtastik Kart Kode: 2020 0092 3270
Mine Code: 0044 6227 4344
Digtastik: 4167 7948 3525
Medal of Honor Heroes 2:
Nicknames: craineum, digtastik, groebo (ie they all match our dtoid nicks)
Skype: kevin.craine, digtastik
Time: 10pm EST

ryu89 Hosting
Brawl Code: 0817-3428-3165
Skype: Ryuh89
Time: 11pm EST
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