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Video Game Weapons the World isn't ready for - Part One

Through the years many games have had weapons that have laid us flat with "shock & awe". As we blast baddies with shotguns and nuclear arsenals, we sit there and mumble to ourselves, "How COOL was that!?" or "How AWESOME would that be!?" We all think it would be a good idea to get our hands on a BFG 9000 or a Golden Gun and just wreck havoc GTA style in the real world. However, be careful what you wish for. Our world is simply not ready for some of these weapons to become a reality. This two-part feature will explore some of the more unique weapons that are better off being in our TVs rather than in our actual hands...

Weapon: Shrink Ray
Game: Duke Nukem

Why the World isn't ready: If shrink ray weapons were a reality, sure geeks would stand more of a chance against bullies, but such is the natural course of nature. An actual working shrink ray would not only be the weapon of choice for the Military and Terrorists alike, it would also be the staple for any practical jokester or friend looking for retribution against a drunken forehead marker'ing. Quite frankly, this world doesn't need serial shrinkers. I'll be damned if I meet my demise from my friend's Chihuahua after busting his chops.

To be continued...

From RawCritics
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