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Woohoo Racism

So I know that sometime before R5 was released some people (Fox news probably) started speaking out on how the game had some racial expressions, and how offensive they found them. Hearing through podcast 91 or 92 there was this comment on behalf of Jim "The Monocle" Sterling on how he and some of his friends thought the whole racism subject SO stupid, that they actually thought it was funny.

To tell you the truth, I like to make racial jokes, and not only that but I also like to joke around that I hit women and say craz stuff like "wheres my dinner woman". I guess that my only explanation is that I too so strongly believe that its stupid that there no way someone could piss off or offend themselves with the subject. And so with this I would like to point out why I think R5 should have never been called out racist and why people offended by it are way off, and how if the game would have been based in Mexico, it would have been kick ass!

I'll start by stating some facts:
- I'm Mexican
- I laugh at beaner/wetback jokes
- My "people" were also conquered and made slaves of (probably not at the same scale though).

I think the problem occurred when in a preview of the game some of the natives started thrown spears. Yes that's right people got offended by SPEARS, which is all in all a pretty bad ass weapon. How could you be offended by your countries weapons? Are they marbles or something? If they would have used the Aztecs's weapons, I'd be like "Holy fucking shit, this is awesome" I mean look at this fucker.

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