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Indie Selections: Platformer Edition


Back again with a heaping helping of indie gaming goodness! This time the indie selections will be narrowed down to the platformer genre. Enjoy!

1. King

King is a retro-stylized platformer with the cutest damn graphics you've ever seen. Intruders are trying to take over your castle, and it's up to you, the benevolent king, to rid these enemies from your palace. Doing so is a simple task, simply jump on their heads! Although this task will get harder as the levels become more complicated, as well as more infested with enemies. Jumping on an enemies head will also allow you to reach higher platforms. Q can be used to restart a level in case you are stuck. Once King is booted up you will be presented with a decent time-waster, but many people will be put off by the physics of the King. I personally saw no problem with this issue, but I have seen people complain.

Download King

2. Painajainen and Kaipuu

Two seperate games made by the very talented brother duo Virtanen. Both Painajainen and Kaipuu were directly inspired by the classic indie gem Seiklus by clysm. In Painajainen you play as a boy who is currently in his dream world. Your goal is to collect seven different colored keys in which you will use to unlock a giant golden door. What lies beyond this door is what you will have to find out on your own. The cool thing about Painajainen is that you fly! Other powers can also be obtained by finding different colored butterflies in different areas of the dream world. In Kaipuu you play a man who's lost all of his emotions except for Love and Hate, due to the passing of his lover. The Hate he feels is toward the world, and the Love he feels is for his dead lover. Death appears and sends you to the underworld, where you must find your other emotions and collect souls in order to be reunited once again with the person you most cherished. You can play as either your love side(which is white) or your hate side(which is black). To switch between the two you must find a swirl object of the color you wish to change into. Big fireballs of varying colors can be found in the underworld, and these are your emotions that Death wants you to find. Once you find a particular emotion it is either categorized under Love or Hate. Depending on which one it falls under, you must either be in Love or Hate form to be able to use it. Press down near the tombstone to save your progress.

In both games the Enter key can be used to view your progress, such as what you've collected so far as well as a mini-map of the areas you've explored. What I love most about both of these games is the sense of exploration that is achieved by Virtanen, something I've cherished ever since the original Knytt was dropped onto the indie scene by Nifflas. The music for both titles is also fantastic and fits the scenery incredibly well.

Download Painajainen
Download Kaipuu

3. Jump on Mushrooms: The Game

A platformer with an interesting concept behind it. Instead of traditionally playing a game from beginning to end, instead you start at the end, and you make your way to the beginning. Sound weird? Well, it is. Extremely. As you rewind yourself backwards you will uncollect the coins and unstomp the goombaesque enemies. Your sprite will even walk in a backwards stance as you make your way through a level. It can be very frustrating at first, but you will get the hang of it. JoM:TG was made by Hempuli in just 2 days, and he apologizes for the ugly graphics. The idea behind this game is one that I would really like to see implemented on a bigger scale in the future along with smoother gameplay. As JoM stands now, it's a fun little platformer, even if it does need a little more polish.

Download Jump on Mushrooms: The Game

4. Ura Kaiten Patissier

A Japanese puzzle platformer by the developer D.K. It's a remake to their previous release, Kaiten Patissier. You play as a cute animu girl and your goal is to collect all the objects in the level. It sounds pretty boring as a platformer, but that's when the puzzle elements kick in. You can rotate the playing field any which way you want by clutching a wall and pressing the Z button. You will need to rotate your playing field so you can use it to your advantage and collect the items that were previously unreachable. An English option is available in the options menu. The archive also includes a version for Linux and GP2X. A PSP port is also available to everyone with custom firmware.

Download Ura Kaiten Patissier
Download the PSP port

5. Streambolt Desero

A very fun side-scrolling action platformer that will probably never see a final release. It's actually an update to Gustav Kilman's original Streambolt, with all new graphics and a fast-paced gameplay face lift. In the short one level demo you play a small robot who goes by the name Hero. You fight your way through a colorful mechanical world fighting off all the opposing enemies standing in your way. A tutorial option is available in the demo as well, and it is recommended that you go through with it before you actually start the game. As Hero you have many different weapons at your disposal, as well as different defensive techniques to use as well. Power-ups can be collected in the level to help boost your fire power. Playing through Streambolt Desero is actually pretty depressing for me, since I know we might never see it completed. It really is just a damn shame, as I could easily see this game be on the Nintendo DS, or even as an old school title on the SNES or Genesis.

Download Streambolt Desero

6. Plasma Warrior

This action platformer plays just like a very primitive Metroid game. It's even made with only 7 colors! You play the titular plasma warrior as you fight your way through hordes of cockroach like aliens on a mysterious planet. There are many different power-ups to collect, such as jump boots and rifle upgrades. As with any Metroidesque game, there is plenty of backtrack. Plasma Warrior is masterfully crafted by its creator, Tom Vine, and everything just flows together nicely. I was never a big fan of the Metroid franchise, but this was a very enjoyable experience.

Download Plasma Warrior

7. Legend of Shadow

You're a ninja. Some bad dudes stole your girl. You have to get her back. You have a sword and shuriken. Kill everyone in sight. Kill passing wildlife to get weapon upgrades. This game is also piss hard.

Download Legend of Shadow

8. Shotgun Ninja

An action platformer by indie developer/God Cactus. You play a ninja who, as the title suggests, wields a shotgun. You also have grenades! The main goal here is to get as high score as possible. An online scoreboard is also featured that will display all the high scores. I've personally spent many, many hours with Shotgun Ninja during its initial release, and its frequently mentioned when someone asks me what my favorite Cactus game is. Don't sleep!

Download Shotgun Ninja

9. Gambare Natsuki-San

A puzzle platformer brought to you by Alpha Secret Base, the same team that made Ura Kaiten Patissier. You play a loli clad in sukumizu and you're armed with a metal claw. Your objective is the same as in Kaiten Patissier, only with a different gameplay element. You use the metal claw to get where you need to go. Fans of the legendary PS1 game Umihara Kawase Shun will see similarities between that and Gambare Natsuki-San. Fans of the puzzle platformer genre really shouldn't miss this one. Fans of lolis in sukumizu shouldn't miss this either! Gambare offers up 50 levels and the challenge just increases as you go on.

Download Gambare Natsuki-San

10. Chelsea and the 7 Devils/Bunny Must Die

Another Japanese import. Bunny Must Die is a action platformer that draws a lot of it's inspiration from the Castlevania series. You play as a delicious loli in a bunny outfit named Chelsea who must defeat the 7 devils. Your main weapon is a stream of knives that can be shot out at any direction you please. Power-ups can be obtained by finding gears throughout the levels. I've never had the chance to complete Bunny Must Die, but I've heard people state they've gotten a good 10 to 20 hours worth of gameplay out of it. However, it is undoubtedly a very difficult game, as is the tradition of any Castlevaniaesque game.

Download Chelsea and the 7 Devils/Bunny Must Die

BONUS: Mario Inna Space

Just something to smoke salvia to.

Download Mario Inna Space

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