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For 31 months, I've waited for this moment....

Thirty-one months ago I joined the community of Destructoid. I frequented the blogs, forums, and the front page, but there was one thing that I always wanted to do: join Destructoid's Friday Night Fights. Though I play with several members on XboxLive on a irregular basis, I was left out of FNFs because my job had me working Friday nights until 2a.m.

But not anymore.

I quit that job, and the feeling I had when I cast off the terrible shackles of late-night work is too great for words... so I will substitute a visual representation.

Now I have a 9 to 5 job, which means I actually have weekends (and don't work 5p.m. to 2a.m.). So for the first time ever, I can and will join you, the destructoid community, in Friday Night Fights. It's been a long time coming.... the culmination of so many months... I promised myself I wouldn't do this....

I love you.
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