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Where did the turn-based RPG go?

The question is a bit easier to answer than it seems: portable. However, as someone who doesn't have enough time on a train/bus/backseat to warrant the purchase of a DS or a PSP, I'm feeling the pain. I've tried multiple RPGs for the 360 lately and they all ended up having real-time battles.

I understand for the masses that turn-based is boring and a big plodding, but I grew up with that stuff. I still break out the FF7 and FF8 every once in a while to fill the void. The real time battles allow the game to flow better at times and give it a sense of urgency in certain situations, but it feels less and less like an RPG and more and more like I'm playing through Dynasty Warriors.

I recently purchased Infinite Undiscovery on recommendation from a friend and it just sits there on my shelf, gathering dust after playing it for about 2 hours and getting ultimately frustrated with the gameplay mechanics. I kept thinking to myself, "This game would be so fucking cool if it at least gave me the option to play turn based". Every review for a 360 RPG that I look at has the words "real-time battles" in it and I get turned off. Even Fallout 3 included a pseudo turn-based system with VATS and I spent 90% of my gametime in it.

Does anyone know of any upcoming turn based RPGs for the 360?
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