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No sleep til Taipei.


Will be heading off to Taiwan the day after tomorrow. ALso known as the 'Republic of China'. Yes, the other China.

I seriously do not know where to visit in Taipei. Hopefully there will be places that'll tickle my fancy instead of the usual tourist spots.
I'm definitely looking forward to shopping for tech over there, and hopefully it'd be eye-opening in terms of shit I'm might not be able to get over here in Aus.
Oh, and another thing I hear that is good in Taiwan is the food. All kinds of different eateries and delicious cuisine at loose change prices!!! Finally a holiday where eating and getting fat is part of the attraction!
I'm gonna try to finish GTA: Chinatown Wars on the plane and maybe even get some readin' done. By the way I wonder if anyone has picked up on any film references in Chinatown Wars. Infernal Affairs anyone?

Random thoughts:

I find that being single again gives you so much more time to do the things you enjoy again like games and computers. When you're in a relationship, you sorta unwillingly lose interest.

Been playing Mass Effect alot these days. It's one of those games that I seemed to have forgotten to play after I've bought it. You can say I'm a bit addicted to it now, but half the time I'm just trying really hard to hope and not have to pretend it's as deep and all-encompassing as I wished it would be.
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