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Reminder: Tonight is 1UP vs. Myself in SFIV.

So a while ago, 1UP had a contest for a chance to play Tina Sanchez (Community Manager) and Richard Li (Executive Producer at GameVideos). I entered (which only required filling out a form) for the hell of it and never expected to win the contest.

I was surprised to find out later that I did in fact win the contest.

Tonight at 5PM PST/ 7PM CST/ 8PM EST I will be playing Tina and Richard in Street Fighter IV LIVE on UStream/1UP.com

So if you have nothing better to do tonight, please come and cheer me on. It should be noted though that 1UP's UStream page has chat disabled due to Spamming/Difficulty in moderating the amount of people that were watching their now annual GameNight.

If you miss the event, 1UP will be posting the event up on GameVideos later this week (Thursday/Friday?) so you really have no excuse.

I am still fairly new to Street Fighter but I am sure that this will be a lot of fun no matter how I do. I am really looking forward to this.

You can watch the matches here or here.

Also, thanks to power-glove for playing some practice matches with me today. I appreciate it.

Until then,
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