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Mega Man 8 Remake's 8-Bit Music and a Small Rant


Mega Man 8: 8-Bit Music

I was born in the early ninties, which means I'm still young and have all of the vitality and strength that some of you try to recreate in your beards. It isn't working. Being a young gamer means that I only had a taste of what the SNES and Genesis had to offer before moving on to the 3D era with the Playstation and Nintendo 64. One of my favorite games growing up was Mega Man 8, a title that I later learned added too much to the classic Mega Man formula. Still, I've grown to love the 8-bit art style and I know that the simplicity of the sprites also lend themselves to gameplay as well as aesthetics. I'm relatively certain that this is their site, here.

Another thing, I keep hearing older gamers rag on the 32-bit era as being difficult to go back to because of limits in technology that kept the environments and graphics from becoming fully realized. To all you of you I simply say pah! The NES had incredibly simple sprites for it's first few years on the market before eventually branching off into beauties like Mega Man and Super Mario Brothers 3. When I go back and look at games like Banjo Tooie, Silent Bomber, Omega Boost, Jade Cocoon, Final Fantasy IX (though this is helped by prerendered enviroments), Majora's Mask, F-Zero X (a bit hampered), Legacy of Kain, and Chrono Cross I associate them with my childhood, just the same as you do with the NES. They were beautiful at the time, and in many cases they retain that beauty to this day.

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