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I love it when a plan comes together

Its early evening around my house and the sounds of Battle Rifles and Final Fantasy fight music fill the air. We are a gamer family, I grew up a child of games, in the early 80s. During my 4th or 5th grade sing, we each had to pick something we wanted for Christmas that year that would be incorporated into the last song we would sing of the night. Kids wanting bikes, ponies, sporting equipment and other various stuff kids want. Me, I wanted Defender for my Atari 2600, and I wouldn’t budge on it even though no one but me knew what the hell I was talking about. I have always had video games for as long as I can remember. My uncle had a computer store during my childhood, and I had access to play anything I wanted too as a kid. But I never had anyone really that played games, no one to appreciate them with. As I got older and moved on from my 2600 to a NES my parents would have no part of buying it for me, so I had to scrimp and save for god knows how long delivering papers to buy my NES myself. I wasn’t given a lot of games as my parents were never well to do but they did well enough to hook me up a few times a year, and anything else I had to buy myself. Why am I reminiscing about my gaming past? Well today I was on a hunting trip for bargain bin games around the area and I decided to drag my 8yr old and 4 yr old along so I could use them as excuses for why I spent so much on games heh. Well we struck out all over and I decided to make one last look at GameStop and see if lady luck would smile upon me. She did in a way I didn’t expect.

Up until that point my boys weren’t really interested in the shopping trip, I guess looking through glass cases and security devices just isn’t as fun for them as I thought. Once we hit GameStop it changed, they both tore through that store like a couple little tornados messing with the boxes and yelling “DAD DAD LOOK!” over and over. Which brought a smile to my face cause I could see the sadness on the 2 GameStop guys faces as things everywhere got disturbed, but what really made me happy was seeing their enthusiasm for the same hobby I hold so dear to my heart. Other than my wife and my 1.3 yr old son, everyone plays video games, we have DS’s, PSP’s, Wii, 360, Genesis, SNES, Saturn, PS1and 2 and various other old and newer video games to play. Anyways, I had pretty much forgotten why I came there as I was explaining stuff to my kids about each different game as best I could from what I have read. Watching them be able to touch and look at each box like I was able to as a kid before we needed so much security to protect inventory really touched me, it made me very proud. In the end my 4 yr old of all things wanted a Master Chief action figure (and the Arbiter….and about 50 other Spartan armors too) and my 8 yr old probably brought me 200 bucks in games he wanted (sadly we had to limit it to one game for now heh) He ended up with some Final Fantasy game for his DS (I forget which cause he vanished with it and his DS pretty quickly). Oh….and I never did get myself any games heh.

A lot of people have told me to my face I am a horrible parent for letting my kids play games as much as I do. Or that I have serious issues because I take pride in my kids stories about beating some game or getting some weird achievement. Or that I can talk to my kids and most of theirs and they are not intimidated or afraid of what I will think of them cause deep down I am still the 10 yr old who plays video games too.

I am now a 34 yr old father of 4(might be 5 soon hahaha!) I have a 15 yr old, an 8 yr old, a 4 yr old and a 1.3 yr old. I have the best wife anyone could ask for and I have an amazing job as a groundskeeper on a well to do families estate. And ofcourse, I am a Gamer.
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