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Marvel Movie News: The Road to The Avengers Edition


Earlier today Marvel updated the release dates on five of it's upcoming films, organizing them into a strategy they call "The Road to The Avengers". With this strategy Marvel Studios plans to release at least one related film each year leading up to the eventual cross over of The Avengers in the spring of 2012. The "uninterrupted road" will begin next spring with Iron Man 2 on May 7, 2010 followed by three - count em three - films released in the following summer of 2011. Spider-Man 4 swings onto screens on May 6, Thor calls down the thunder on May 20 and The First Avenger: Captain America fights for justice on July 22.

Finally on May 4, 2012 The Avengers will finally arrive marking the first time independent super hero characters and their separate storylines will be crossed over into one film. The films will be handled by Jon Favreau, Sam Raimi, Kenneth Branagh, and Joe Johnston respectively. No word yet as to who will be assembling The Avengers but rumor has it that Jon Favreau could be the one taking the helm and that part of the "road to The Avengers" initiative is to accommodate his schedule so that he can handle both Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. I personally think he did an absolutely amazing job with Iron Man so I really hope he ends up getting the deal.

If you haven't already head over to Marvel.com and check out the new teasers for X-Men Origins: Wolverine as they are most awesome.
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