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Lightning Warrior Raidy: Yeah, it's Kinda Porn


Fon-Fon is torturing the poor village girls! Don't worry, I showed her.

For Fans of Dungeons ONLY

I've said that the gameplay is adequate, but only for fans of dungeon crawlers who have a high threshold for tedium-- newbies to the genre should stay far away from this. All the rooms look the same, and you can't see treasure until you walk over it and get a text prompt- there is no graphic for it on the field map. Furthermore, you don't get a map for each floor until you randomly find one, meaning you can easily find yourself walking around in circles looking for the stupid map. You can go truly old-school and draw your own maps, but the existence of false walls and teleporters makes the process far more difficult and annoying than it should be. Fortunately, some kindly soul has provided maps on GameFaqs, which makes things a helluva lot easier.

There is no weapon or character customization, so there isn't much more to say about the gameplay. I would be really interested in seeing if someone could make a competitive, high-quality title in the genre that just happens to have erotic content, rather than using the sex to prop up an otherwise bare-bones product. It's theoretically possible that this title exists and simply isn't available in English, but just be aware that LWR is not that game.


The voice work is all in Japanese, which is fine with me because I think having to listen to bad English voice acting would make the experience about five times more embarrassing than it already is. Also, they give you about a billion save slots-- presumably so you can save before every cutscene and boss encounter. Handy.


I'm a couple of floors into the tower, and I'll probably end up finishing it just to see how insane the monsters on the final floor look like. Then, I'll uninstall it, go back to playing Chrono Trigger DS, and we'll all pretend this NEVER HAPPENED.

...Well, at least until Lightning Warrior Raidy II comes out...crap.
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