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Second Hand info on the MGO 1.30 patch changes(Minor Update).

Last night(this morning depending on your time zone) Konami dropped their newest expansion for Metal Gear Online in the form of the version 1.30 patch. Unfortunately for me, I don't have my PS3 with me, but luckily, there was a list of update changes posted on the MGO Website. One important piece of info I picked out from it was this:

Several fixes have been implemented to prevent cheating by using lag switches. As a result of these fixes, we have restored the "Friendly Fire" option in "Survival" and "Tournament" games. Furthermore, in public "Survival" and "Tournament" matches using RES/TSNE, if you kill or stun more than half of your teammates (including yourself), your team will automatically be disqualified.

Quite a few of the MGO players on GameFAQs.com seem to feel that the latency has been tightened up too, although I won't be able to see for myself until this Friday and the Weekend.

From lurking around the game-faks, I managed to pick some more things up:

-New music tracks include those from MGS2, MGS3, Metal Gear:Ghost Babel, Boktai, Lunar Knights, Policenauts, and Snatcher, and a random option.

-The MK.23(aka. the SOCOM pistol from MGS1) is a beast of a weapon, and RPG is now twice as expensive.

-The ranks(Sloth, Foxhound, ect.) were reset. UPDATE: No one really knows why.

-There's a ?????? map that has not been released yet.

-Options to change the size of the HUD and interface.

-Codec Pack 2 is available for purchase($5), contains phrases "Spread your wings and fly"(Major Zero, MGS3 Opening Scene), "Watch out for boxes", and "There's a trap!"
[Source = https://my.konami.net/mgo2/product_information_202.jsp]

So, anyone on Destructoid taken the new update for a spin and have some opinions on it? Is it really that
awesome, or is it all La Le Lu Le Lo?
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