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A Happy Birthday to Destructoid/Niero!!!


Meanwhile, over at Japanator (two days ago)..

Happy Birthday to Destructoid and it's founder, Yanier Gonzalez! I've been planning something big in past two months to show my gratitude to Destructoid with something really awesome but I've been really sick lately and the link above is the best I can provide for now. Fuck Crippling Hay Fever.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I've cosplayed as Mr Destructoid a lot of times before under the name "Desutoid", wanting to pimp out how an amazing gaming site Destructoid is, for the people who write here and those that follow it. I'm currently cooking up something and may be out for time for Anime Matsuri where Desutoid premiered about a year ago.

I sound like Im blathering on about something vague right now. It's the allergy/decongestant im on right now. I hope my grammar and spelling don't suck right now.

I love you Destructoid like you love us all!
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