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Rise of the Robot

Well. Last night I was browsing the site when I realized one thing.

I really love Destructoid.

Let me tell you all some stories.

I�m a G1. This means I visit Screwattack.com on the fairly regular basis and have an account on the site. So one day I was watching Hard News and this girl with lovely blue eyes was hilariously tense in front of the camera but she still managed to deliver an interesting bit of videogame news. This woman was introduced as �Colette from Destructoid� So I decided to check out that mysterious website.

I remember the first article on the front page was written by Jim Sterling. I don�t remember what the article was but it seriously made me laugh. So I stuck around. The next story that caught my eye was a preview of a game I still want and I haven�t bought: Rock Band 2. Nick Chester wrote that story. I started reading the comments and noticed they were funny, witty and even smart. It was different than other forums where trolls are rule the land with an Iron First. Everybody cared so I had to open an account.

After a couple of months I discovered Retroforce Go! Podtoid and the Podcastle and discovered how awesome they were. Mainly because they sounded like a group of friends that really loved not only what they were talking about but also each other (In the most heterosexual way of course).

Then there�s the strange moments, the ones when somehow Dtoid managed to make my life a little big tolerable.

I graduated from college 8 months ago and with the current economy, finding a job has been a pain the ass. A Mental Hospital gave me a chance (I�m a Psychologist) and I took it. I was working there for a couple of months and one Saturday morning I went to work and before I could put on my doctor�s coat, the director of the hospital wanted to talk to me. I went to his office and he starting talking about budget cuts and the need to let go of the person with the least experience..that was me and I was fired that morning. I was pretty sad as I took the light rail back home. During this trip I started listening to Retroforce Go!. Not only was the show freaking awesome (The Ninja Gaiden Episode) but a comment I made about Ninja Gaiden trying to rape you everything you played was picked by the cast as the winner. Somehow that cheered me up like you wouldn�t imagine.

The Editors are great, the community, the podcasts, the giant robot head are now part of my daily life and it�s great.

I�ve always wanted to attend a NARP however living in Guadalajara, Mexico makes it kinda complicated. If there�s any local Dtoiders reading this, lets talk�maybe we can make it happen.

Happy Birthday Destructoid and thanks for everything

See you guys in the comments.

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