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An intro, in 10 things format! ŽSilverDragon1979 [Repost]

[EDIT: I should have known better than to post this on Dtoids anniversary, seeing as it will probably get lost in the shuffle lol. So, it will remain hidden until things die down and will be reuploaded. That would be now]

So I've been toying around recently with the idea of finally joining the Dtoid community after what I considered a decent lurking period (since dec 2007 if I remember it right), so the first logical step would be to sign up and make an intro post. But then, I reached my first obstacle: how to make the introduction interesting? Wanting to uphold the "Don't suck" rule (to the best of my abilities at least) I thought for a long while (read: weeks) about how to pop my community cherry. After much deliberation, it hit me.

Bullet points

Since everyone loves bullet points, and they make something a bit more engaging to read than a wall o text. And this matched perfectly with the meme that went 'round awhile ago of "10 things you didn't know". So without further ado, here are 10 things, both VGR and NVGR, that you didn't know about Fission Mailed to introduce myself to the community.

1. My first console was a PSOne

Lovable bastard. Got it as a Christmas present when I was like 7, and it was bundled with a Speed Racer game. Even though it only had 3 tracks, and the background music on each race was the same tune, I loved it and played it intensely.

2. My second console, and probably most played of the 90's, was a N64

Seriously. Super Mario 64 (never got all 120 stars :( ), Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask (MM > OoT imo, though I seem to be in the minority), GoldenEye (best mutliplayer ever), the first Mario Parties (my palms!), F Zero X, Jet Force Gemini, Gex, Pokemon Stadium (lol), Mario Kart 64, Mario Tennis/Golf/Fishing/Pimping/ad nauseum, and probably a bunch of other titles I don't remember right now, much (if not most) of my childhood was spent blowing carts, cursing the triple prong controller (didn't bother me much then, now I rage quietly every time I see it) and all around oohing and ahhing at whatever game was currently in my beloved 64.

3. As a result of point 2, my PS1 was relegated to being NOT modded to play NOT copied games

Mostly EA Sports games, since apparently I seemed to like them in my youth. There were other things, I think I had a Beast Wars fighter and LEGO Island 2, but most classics ala MGS or FF VII/VIII were missed 'cause I was too focused on the N64. It subsequently died circa 2001 from what I still believe to be a shoddy modchip, and it is missed dearly since it was my first :(

4. During the previous generation I could have qualified as a Nintendo fanboy

But not in the sense you might be thinking, since I didn't troll forums singing praise for Nintendo to anyone that would listen and/or taking a dump on anything that was related to the other consoles. I simply ignored the PS2 and Xbox out of habit, since my 64 was my main during the 90's, so the Gamecube became my main during the 00's until this generation started.

5. I almost quit gaming entirely this generation

A mixture of many things caused this. Disillusion with the Gamecube library (own probably less than 10 games), a whole "I'm a grownup now (15 lol), this stuff is for kids" sentiment that my friends infected me with (later got rid of it) and since my younger brothers were still into it I thought that I'd just borrow what they had if I ever got the itch back. Well, it came back in full force, and it consumed me to the point that I took the current gen jump.

6. I now own a PS3 and don't regret that decision in the least

I spent nearly all my savings on the Black Box, but I think it was well worth that money. But my decision came in the midst of the announcement that BC was being removed, so I quickly purchased the MGS4 bundle to get one of the last models that would allow me to revisit the PS1 library and explore the unknown PS2 library that I had heard so much praise of. Glorious.

7. Now I mingle between revisiting great games past and enjoying current titles

Point is pretty self explanatory. I've already enjoyed the complete MGS saga and loved it inmensely (hence my screenname), the GTA saga from III till IV (minus the PSP games, working on those), Uncharted, Burnout, CoD4, Rock Band 2, and plan on expanding my collection greatly, especially since PS2 games are dirt cheap now. One slight problem hinders this however.

8. I live in a God-forsaken country known as Venezuela

Now I don't know how it is for my fellow South-American dtoiders, but here games are veeeery overpriced. Like, 180 $ at the official exchange rate of our currency. We have a black market where the exhange is closer to the retail value of 60 $, but black market dollars arent so easy to come by. Added to that, we have a fucking "control de cambio", which basically means the government only allows us 400 $ a YEAR for online purchasing, and only 2500 $ a YEAR for traveling, thus greatly limiting what I can get abroad and bring back home. So games are really a commodity here, but I try and get by.

9. I would really like to get in on FNF with you lot

Taken from a previous FNF post
However, a couple of things hinder me. One is that my internet connection is blasphemous (srsly, my top download speed is 115 KB/s. Yup, those are KB) and the second is, in accordance with number 8, I can't keep up with the newest releases and by the time I obtain them, they are out of rotation. I think I have one or two games still in rotation tho, so in any case, my PSN is CapS_90

10. I really enjoyed the time I've spent lurking here

Really, this is probably the best site/community I've seen on the interwebs. From the Cancun trip which originated lobster milkshakes, Chad and Anthony's ongoing feud which must end in a duel atop a volcano (Mikey take note plzkthks), Jim's humor that resonates with my own, the Podcastle (which I have a bunch of episodes on my backlog that need to be listened to), the many different personalities in the community (MrSadistic, Yojimb0, coonskin, Mikey, Mushman, wardrox, takeshi, CharAznable, Banj, Morty, Sheir, Serpentish, Mxyplamfdiuhg, Gh0st, aborto, Atlas, Kryptinite, Tubatic, Sharpless, ok seriously I'll stop cause I keep remembering one name after another and this will never get done), in the end, everything about it keeps my attention relentlessly and a day can't go by without me visiting dtoid. And it was unintentional, but posting my first blog on the 3rd anniversary of Destructoid made me lol (though it might have been a bit stupid, since now prolly no one will read it, oh well, I lol'ed anyway)

Bonus Stage

Also, this series needs another game. Just saying. If you haven't played it, do it. Now.
Also also, cocks.
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