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SEGA: The True Underdog Story


Before I start on SEGA and how it ruined my life with great satisfaction, I would just like to state that I decided to change my avatar again, for three reasons:

1- It was too good, I would find it hard to write a blog because I would be too busy staring at it...
2- My computer is a piece of sphinx shit, and when you have 3 or 4 different animated avatars on screen while trying to watch a video segment...things get pissy.
3- Apparently somebody else had it and I would rather rip my teeth out one by one and stick them down my dickhole then be the follow up to somebody else I would most likely dislike.

So goodbye hypnotic arse, hello to one of my all time favorite, old school flash animations... Buzz Bunny. For those of you who are not familiar with Buzz Bunny...get familiar now:

I can relate to him very well, and anybody who knows me will know why I can relate to him. Now, on to SEGA...

The world has so many minorities within it. And the funny thing is that an individual will squeeze his/her way into more than one, most of the time. A debate will come about with music, you will either side with it, or you won't. If I was to say that Pink is talented and hot, I would expect somebody to throw a toilet at my head...yet she has a massive fan base. If I were to say that the Wii is the greatest console out there, most would disagree, but it still is in high demand and its price hasn't budged since it hit the shelves (not in Australia anyway).

I usually like to stick with the underdogs when it comes to minorities. They are more interesting and not as generic in comparison to the 'norm'. In case any of you don't know what an Underdog is, it is like what Metal music is to the world. It is frowned upon and is disliked by many people...but, the people that like it are people that will never stop listening to it. The Underdog has a true following, not just a phase following. So while we are on the subject of Underdogs...lets take a look at what made Sega, my childhood best friend, the underdog after it gave us one of the greatest testaments to the gaming world.


1977: Sega broadens its horizons through home console and arcade development.

1982: Sega Enterprises (Sega of America) opens.

1985: Master System is released in the US.

Master System Mascot - Alex Kidd

It is because of this man that we play paper, scissors, rock my friends. Not many people remember this bloke over Sonic the Hedgehog, but put these two in the ring and I bet Alex would immerge victorious. Don't get me wrong, I love sonic and he is the cooler character of the two. But the Underdog isn't always the coolest of them all, in fact he very rarely is. Alex has a head like a rock, a haircut that would have gotten him a spot with The Beatles, a fist for smashing shit (He can punch blocks of rock the size of his whole body into pieces) and has a unique set of games. Speaking of which, if any of you were able to get out of the castle in Alex Kiddin High-Tech World and actually start fighting ninja's, you have my praise, because I could never find all the pieces of the map. God, that pissed me off. Games that Alex Kidd appears in: Miracle World, The Lost Stars, BMX Trail, High-Tech World, The Enchanted Castle and Shinobi World.

1986-9: Through titles like Shinobi, Sega establishes itself as an arcade superdeveloper.

1988: Phantasy Star is released for the Master System.

1989: Sega's new home console - the Genesis (Mega Drive) - is introduced worldwide - its most successful console. Sega was the second largest vendor of consumer video games behind former rival, Nintendo, but Nintendo still dominated the market with 95% share in the US and 92% share in Japan in the late 80s.

I never owned one of these...sadly my family couldn't afford it. So while most other Sega lovers were enjoying The Mega Drive, I was enjoying my Master System II. It didn't really bother me that much because I always use to go around to my cousins house to play his. I remember when I first saw the graphics for Ecco The Dolphin...I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen...I never thought back then that we would have games like we have today. It amazes me.

1990: Game Gear - Sega's handheld console, which went up against the Game Boy - is released.

1991: The revolutionary Sonic the Hedgehog becomes Sega's new mascot when sales of the first game in the series go through the roof.

Better than a fat italian plumber?

When Sonic arrived, it was a rush of fresh air. We were accustomed to Mario and countless wannabees, but this was different. This was modern, flashy, new. Here was a game practically bursting at the seams, eager to prove itself. For anyone with a Genesis, it was a dream come true.

Most gamers are familiar with the story of Sonic, of how hardscrabble Sega, desperate to compete against Nintendo's impending steamroller into the 16-bit console market, pooled their best talent to create a mascot game that would embody their rebel spirit and sell systems. They succeeded beyond their wildest expectations; the resulting shock waves are still being felt.

1992: The Sega CD, a CD-based Genesis add-on, is released in the US. It fails to catch on, and little software is released for the system.

1993: Shining Force is made ready to release on the Genesis in the West. Sega overtakes Nintendo and gets 65% market share in North America.

1994: The appalling Sega 32X, another poorly supported, expensive Genesis add-on, is launched. A total commercial failure. Sega's market share plummets to 35% after Nintendo releases titles such as Donkey Kong.

1995: Sega launches the Saturn a few weeks before Sony launches its main rival, the PlayStation. Arcade-converted Sega Rally Championship becomes the number one piece of software for the system; Virtua Fighter also proves popular.

1998: Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shining Force 3 are released for the Saturn. Unfortunately, the console is doing very badly, and both titles are massively overlooked.

1999: Sega brings out the Dreamcast on 09/09/1999, its first new console in five years. Launch games include Sonic Adventure, Sega Rally 2, and Virtua Fighter 3.

The Sega Dreamcast

I begged and I begged for one of these when it came time for them to hit the shelf. I often wonder if I was to have bought one, would that one sale have kept them on the market? Doubtful. But still, it was the first console to come out with upped graphics, flawless design and most importantly, online play. A good friend of mine was gracious enough to let me play it EVERY day and I thought it was the best thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately, ps2 decided to cater for the frat boy population.

Soon came the end for The Dreamcast and the once dominating Sega...It was a sad day in the Gaming World but The Dreamcast will never be forgotten. Classic titles for the Dreamcast: Shenmu, Jet Grind Radio, Ikaruga, Rez, Cosmic Smash, Crazi Taxi, Soul Calibur, Street Fighter 3 and Sonic Adventure.

CNN Reports on Dreamcast, days before it's release...

2000: This is the year Sega launched SegaNet, the company's online console gaming network. Sony launches PS2 and overtakes Dreamcast.

2001: Sega announces that it will halt production of the Dreamcast console and focus on restructuring itself as a third-party software developer and publisher.

2004: Sammy buys a controlling share in Sega Corp for $1.1bn (#590m), creating Sega Sammy Holdings.

Today: Talking about milking something until its dry. Sonic seems to be at the wheel for nearly as many Wii games as Mario. Nintendo know he is a gaming mascot and they are not afraid to stick the face of their old (and well defeated) nemesis on nearly every child friendly game out there.

Who the fuck are they kidding? Is their any way Mario could win this race?

Remember the saying: Sega does what Nintendon't...I do! I would fight over Sega when I was a child because some other kid would say that Sega sucks. I never did homework because Sonic would be whispering in my ear, "Come and play with me". And boy did I ever! He practically molested!

How did it come to this people?! How did a gaming icon like Sonic start whoring himself out to the biggest dealer?! How did we let a gaming God like SEGA die?! I know how! We stepped on its fucking neck because Sony and Microsoft decided they wanted a piece of the gaming world all because it generates a heap of cash. And being they were huge corporations with stacks of cash in their holsters, it wasn't long before advertising and high priced marketing took place...which obviously marinated, lubed up and fucked the lot of us with mighty gaming orgasms...not that we are complaining!

It was a good run that most have forgotten or didn't even know existed, but for the true gamers...Sega will never die.

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