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Watchmen: Too Faithful, Yet Not Faithful Enough (NVGR)

I've been reading dtoid for a while, and i finally decided to make an account. I thought since Watchmen been such a major event i wanted to talk about it for a first post.

A few months ago i read the graphic novel in anticipation for the film (which ultimately disappointed me), and i discovered a masterpiece. Everything about it was interesting to me, the deep characters, mature themes, that made me rethink comics/graphic novels in general. So without a question a film adaptation seemed like it could be perfect, putting the action into motion, and bringing a new perspective. For me Watchmen had a gross imbalance of being faithful to the graphic novel, and changing things to suit a mainstream audience.

I'll get out my complaints about the changes early. I'm not going to sit here and list every little thing that was changed but just mention the important ones, and the ones that bugged me. Some of the music choices were unfitting, some actually made me laugh because they were totally unfitting. Really Zach Snyder? "Hallelujah" during a sex scene? Why wasn't the Silk Spectre smoking at all? Why else would she be pressing the flame thrower button in the Owl Ship? So showing a guy's face burning off, enough blue penis to fill a small lake, and parts of a little girl getting eaten, are all not as bad as a woman smoking a few times? Really?

On another note the ending was absolutely painful to watch. Dr. Manhattan was supposed to leave Earth because he wanted to, not because he had to. There was no explanation of Veidt's back story, and how or why he has his genetically mutated lynx. Nite Owl wasn't supposed to see Rorscach die, Ozzy was supposed to talk to Dr. Manhattan afterwords, and so many other details that irritated me. The ending was a mess, and for the most part, i actually enjoyed the movie until the ending.

How was it too faithful? The camera barely moved, as if to replicate the frames of the movie. Now this makes for a continuous nerdgasm from fans of the novel, but doesn't really work that well as a movie. The boring still camera in most scenes got a little boring by the end. The only scenes where the camera work was different, was in the overblown matrix fight scenes where apparently anyone can punch through anything, without any repercussions. (although i will admit the scene with Laurie and Dan fighting off the thugs in teh alley was pretty damn cool) Plus there was much more dialogue than action, while i didn't mind this, some of my friends were a bit bored that hadn't read the novel.

While i ended up disappointed, there were still things loved about the film. Some of the scenes were spot on, exactly what i would have wanted. The Comedian's Funeral and Dr. Manhattan's mars flashback scene were great. I loved the look of everything. The costumes were great (except Ozzy's), and the environments were almost exactly like they were in the novel. They really made the world come to life. Rorscach and The Comedian were casted perfectly, speaking exactly as i would have imagined. I had such high expectations for this film, but they were wrong, and instead of the amazing work of Alan Moore, we get a descent movie that certainly has room for improvement
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