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Official Killzone 2: Destructoid Clan Blog


Hi everybody! Welcome to the Destructoid Killzone 2 Clan Blog.

We got a shitload of invite requests on 6 different locations. To make sure we don't forget anyone I wanted to centralize the place for requests, invites, news, clan battles and other stuff concerning the KZ2 Clan. So check back often. We'll post a link in the FNF blogs to make sure everybody finds it.

Destructoid Name:
Click on the link to go to the Destructoid profile of your choice

PSN Name:
Click on the link to go to Killzone.com and view the Killzone 2 profile of choice with all the stats of the player.
First names are the Leader and the Officers. After that everyone is sorted by PSN name.

It makes you go directly to your profile without logging in. Save a lot of time and to be honest the Killzone.com takes it's sweet time to get you logged in. These links take away half of the pain. So feel free to copy your personal link and bookmark it.

I'll update the table once a week. Until I find a way to auto-update it.

Check the table.
You found your name? Cool dude. Welcome!
You didn't find your name? I'm sorry. Leave a comment and we'll get you in.

Clan invites can be found under "Communication"->"Messages"->"Clan". It then shows you have one (or more) new clan messages.

(Beware, it's not the latest version so a couple of members already in the Clan aren't featured in the table yet. That is Primo, VWGTI and SephirothX. Tomorrow everything should be OK.)

Invitees that haven't responded yet:

Clan Battles:
We're currently trying to play against a NEOGAF clan called GAF WEST 2. Leader is Aj2good4you2. You know him, he's on Dtoid too.) If that doesn't work out for next FNF we will participate in a Tournament.
Tournaments work like this: Leader of Officer joins tournament that takes place a on a particular date and time. 15 minutes before it starts all Clan members get an in-game message saying the match is about to begin. We join and kick the shit out of the opposing clans. That's all there is to it.

Any questions, requests or other things? Leave a comment, send me a PM or a message on PSN: JohanHin.

We will see you soon. Enjoy!
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