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Ken Fighter IV! My review...


Come on..saw it coming. Want more sillyness? SRK thread here

I'm super late as I said in last night's blog. but i'm super lazy and playing super catchup. After all this anticipation since the very first trailer, I say it's overall lived up to the hype. Having a new SF was well overdue and everyone knew it. But was it worth the long wait?

So the game hit a few weeks ago. I've been playing it nonstop till this monday. The game well...revolves around Ken looking for Ryu for a good fight before Mel is born. He also wished to ask Ryu to be Mel's Godfather. But forget all that nonsense. The game has all of the Super Turbo cast (save Dee Jay and T.Hawk who I hope Ono bothers to finish and add them in a later patch.) along with 5 new characters and a new boss. I personally don't care for the new characters outside of Viper and Fuerte. Along with the new cast, 4 alpha characters are in (Rose, Sakura, Dan, Gen.) Big enough cast compared to the arcade. The game is simple enough for regular players to play and deep enough that serious players can play it simply or deeply. Focus attacks are a nice addition but most of the FAs in the game are rather useless due to crap range...(hmm...that's about everyone but Dan and Fei Long.) But it's a nice alternative to constant jump ins and Ken throwing these out.

and to help with the "simplicity" there's just 1 super and a amped up super called ultras. Supers are the usual "I can be hit out of it easily" moves that do meh damage? Ultras do more damage if completely full, has the "OH SHIT" animation on the opponent, and if missed, free candy for the opponent. It's not that big of a difference but generally Ultras > Supers. Why? usually because the super meter is what the EX and focus attack dash cancel run on.

Online's solid...I guess. The Kens have died down so it's not so much of a firefest. Though we all already know the main problem with online. NO LOBBY MATCHES. STHD had it, SCIV has it even if it's just 4 people altogether. I'm quite sure Tekken 6, KoF, and Blazblue will have it. Why doesn't the oh so big and widely anticipated SFIV have it from the get go? I would've waited a little longer on the release date if this was added. But because this wasn't added, the game will die out much quicker unless they patch this little feature in soon. For that i'm stuck playing ranked against BP obsessed kids or playing simple 1 on 1 matches that get old real quick. Otherwise, I like the title/icon ordeal. which ties in with.

challenges. The character specific ones are fun. Normal trials are alright but the hard trials is where most people get lost. The problem most people don't know is that the "combo system" in the game isn't the usual "combo". Link combos is the name of the game here. They're really noticeable in some hard trials such as Rose's first hard trial (I think it's cr.lp. cr.lp, cr.lp, Soul thrust). This seems easy and WOULD be easy if it was a actual combo game. but the soul thrust doesn't come out at the end. You have to delay the last light punch in order to get the special out. Problem here is that the timing is strict and you'll be doing things like this a good amount. It takes some getting used to.

Overall the game is solid with it's few pros and cons. The anime openings/endings are a nice touch, but the endings are WAY TOO cliffhanger that it doesn't matter. The costume downloads are a nice addition but..Capcom pulled a Namcai. I don't think I need to say if this is a buy or not seeing most who want it have it or plan to pick it up.
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