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Dtoid Australia's Anniversary party!

Hello my little koala bears,
I apologise for the last minute post but I have been crazy busy with work lately.
We have finalised the details for our DtoidAustralia anniversary party for Destructoid's 3rd birthday, they are as follows:
Who: Any Dtoider's and their friends who want to celebrate Destructoid turning 3
What: Celebrating Destructoid turning 3 and also Rock Band 2 has been secured for us thanks to the lovely Atheistium
When: Saturday 14th March, 5pm until late
Where: My(Fooliz's) house in Northern Sydney(join our google group for address)
What to bring: Whatever alcohol/drinks you want and games you want to play. I have all the systems and a few tv's but only two controllers for each system. Snacks will be provided and we will order pizza and all put in once we know how many of us there are
Hope to see lots of dtoiders there!
lots of love
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