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What's to Come. Info on another forgotten games post that will come soon.

This is for anyone who has or hasn't read my forgotten games post last weekend.


I plan to do another. One just as long, even longer actually. This formal post is more a oh my god its going to get longer than anything else. Since this post is going to run around the length of the last post and have the previous post added on top of it.

Now don't go "but Whyyyyy" on me. I am heavily restructuring ALOT of the entries in the old post, mostly the shorter one's to be more encompassing and informative. With a small number of the games, I'll be weighing the good and bad sides of some of far more obscure titles (ex Dino Crisis 3, Pathologic, ILLBLEED) and why they should still be considered unparalleled examples of games despite a few problems with the games. Other games I am working to generally just raise the objective quality of writing to a closer to my shorter professional fiction, and at the same time making the articles more objective and coherent. So your not getting the last post plus the new one. Its much closer to the new post plus an extended unrated directors cut of the first one.

My master plan behind this. I plan on doing compiling all of these ultra long articles (there's going to be around two more after this one, plus one that deals with upcoming games that will be forgotten, and one that deals with rationally explaining the failures of these games) and make one that destructoid, escapist, kotaku, IGN, UGO, 1up, GamesRadar would never actually do themselves. Not in a 'I'm better than you' bullshit way, cause I'm not an ass, or 'I'm a gamer that has REAL respect for the medium and you don't way' either, cause that would just make me a dick.

Rather, the real point is showing that just doing an nostalgia article on a single game that takes 5 minutes to read and shelve away is wrong and improper for the subject. In cases like this, nostalgia works in bulk, causing you to remember several games rather than just one. Memory patterns work much like a file system on your desktop, with you grouping certain memories together under headings and subheadings. Overtime, as new information and experiences come into the fold of your memory, Less popular games have alot of their data compressed and deleted. Eventually people only have blurred memories of these games that bleed into each other. This creates the feeling of nostalgia for times past in general because your image of the past is not nearly as clear as it used to be. Articles such as this acts almost like a file recovery system. But doing an article on a single game is not enough due to bleeding of certain memories into each other, because of this it is just filed away as new reference information type memory and further burns away at older articles of information. You got to kick start the whole system or don't even bother doing it at all.

If your going to tackle a subject such as old forgotten games you gotta go for the whole package or just don't do it at all.

I'm Just warning you, that's all...
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