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SWE3tMadness Watches the Watchmen. (A NVGR Review)


One final gripe I want to address with the movie was a few of the song choices. Some of them perfectly fit into the context they’re used (and in the case of 99 Luft Balloons, possibly the only time it’s been used in the correct context), but a few hit a sour note (pun very much intended). The lyrics to The Sound of Silence, Hallelujah, and All Along the Watchtower all fit the scenes they’re used in very well, but the songs themselves are so recognizable that their use loses any possible subtlety. I think this is just a problem with the medium rather than directorial decisions. In the original graphic novel, many songs were used as bookends to the chapters and provided themes echoed throughout them, much like these songs do in the movie. But reading those lyrics has a very different effect than listening to them.

So, overall, the movie was amazing. There were a few issues throughout it, but a few minutes’ worth of distraction and dissonance out of a nearly three-hour feature isn’t so bad, and given the monumental task of translating Watchmen to the big screen, I’m willing to sacrifice those moments for the emotional, provocative, and downright epic story the rest of the movie constructs.

Five-out-of-five stars. Go. See. This. Movie.
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