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Shadows of Memories: Games Forgotten by almost everyone

The barometer of success in the gaming (what you are about to read can also be applied to movies, comics, music and books) is much like a scientific hypothesis. In order to understand the premise of the article the most basic truths must be assumed and correlated with certain conditions in which a reasonable answer can be extrapolated.

These truths are known to be self-evident:

Truth 1; Most people are consumers. Hence they exchange money for goods and services that are considered to be of some intrinsic, artistic, sentimental or entertainment value.

This is what is considered a true forgotten gem. A game that had everything going for it except sales and recognition (despite being made by the Tekken guys). It now gathers dust in the memory of most gamers.

And thatís the list. I might continue with singular articles about other forgotten games but I made the bulk of my point here. Comments? Discussion?

Also I apologize in advance for weirdly cropped photos and strange text formatting. I seriously don't know where this is coming from... Fucking destructoid.
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