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Facepalm of The Week: Gillette Fusion Power Gamer Razors

As originally posted on Backwards Compatible.

Son. Of. A. Bitch. As if it wasn’t blasphemous enough that a company made food “scientifically formulated” with gamers in mind, now comes goddamn Gillette to tell us that the blades we’ve been using all these years are complete bullshit. No, what gamers truly need is a razor DESIGNED FOR THEM. With that completely idiotic ideal in mind, we now have Gillette Fusion Gamer razors. Made especially for gamers’ faces, apparently.

This. Is. Ridiculous. As I’ve said before, nothing pisses me off more than a company who feels that the greatest marketing idea is to latch on to a sector of their market who they think ONLY buys things because they have gamer sensibilities in mind. God fucking dammit, this is stupid. This is the equivalent of, say, Blistex making a facial care ointment “scientifically designed” for artists, or Mrs. Dash making a special blend of seasonings with “hockey players in mind”. Not only are you forcing yourself on the wrong market (razors? for gamers? HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN A GAMER BEFORE?!!?), but you’re instantly saying that the only way these people will buy your crap is if they’re told that they will like it.

Fuck that noise. And fuck Gillette.
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