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Help me decide my PAX cosplay!

Alright, PAX is fast approaching and I need help! Last year a did a couple of fun cosplays: Pa Rappa the Rapper and Yukari (Persona 3). This time around I need help deciding what cosplays to do.

Personal requirements:

I don't want to do any SUPER sexy cosplay. I want to wear something that will be at least semi-comfortable to walk around in all day. I also don't want anything with crazy moving parts that will take forever to put together. It also needs to be something that I can realistically do (don't pick female characters with obnoxiously large breasts).

And no, I'm not cosplaying Cammy.

So, here are a couple ideas of my own I had, but I want your input for whether or not you like them/any other ideas you have.

#1 - Amy from Soul Caliber IV

Amy is little, like me. Getting a wig right will be a pain, but I might just cheat and do a curly wig in pigtails. I actually already have the skirt for this outfit. It wouldn't take too much tweaking from my mom or my crafty friends to get this put together either.

#2 Ulala from Space Channel 5

Um I fucking love this game. This cosplay would actually be super easy. My sister has a bad-ass Ulala costume from Halloween a couple years ago, and with her permission and a couple of adjustments I could make this work quite easily. I know I said no super-sexy costumes, but this would also give me an excuse to learn all of the dance moves from the game and dance all over the place for no reason, which is a definite plus.

#3 Rikku (FFX)

I want to do the FFX Rikku not only because her outfit is more classy, but also because it is fucking impossible to find a good scarf for the costume (I am a perfectionist and would probably kill myself trying to find one). It's probably (oddly enough) one of the harder cosplays to do just because of the ridiculous detail in her outfit. It looks deceptively easy, but with the crazy neckline, buckles everywhere and that strap thing on her leg, I would have my work cut out for me.

My cop-out cosplay would probably be Celeste from Mirror's Edge. I'll probably only do it if I run out of time/money for my other cosplay ideas.

So, feedback plz? kthnx.
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