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Watch Blargg attempt Rock Band 1 Endless Setlist on Expert + drinking game


Rock Band 1? Yes, Rock Band 1. Last September, KyleGamgee and I started a band, named after the slightly obscure Mario character Blargg. Since then, we have been going through the entire Band World Tour, knocking out a couple cities a month, all on Expert guitar and bass.

Yes, we have gold check marks on every single set in the game except one: The Endless Setlist. That changes tonight.

We will be broadcasting two live feeds on Stickam for the occasion (one on us and one on the screen), and a few fellow Destructoid Los Angeles regulars will be making it out here to celebrate our accomplishment.

But why would you watch this? Well, for one, you're bored on the Internet. And for two, we've made a drinking game to go along with the Blargg Rock Band 1 Endless Setlist party. So click here to bring up the Stickam room, and read on for the drinking game rules. We take no responsibility for any alcohol poisoning that results from participating.

Blargg's Rock Band 1 Endless Setlist Drinking Game

Take a drink if we...

Both use our Overdrive perfectly simultaneously, like, EXACTLY
Gold star a song
Both get 100% on a song (in addition to the inevitable gold stars)
Get only three stars on a song
Pass "Green Grass and High Tides" on our first try
Fail "Green Grass and High Tides" more than three times
Complain about having to play "Train Kept a-Rollin'"
Screw up a Big Rock Ending bonus
Earn an additional star rating due to the Big Rock Ending
Say, "Oh come on!" or "That's BS!" or "LIES!" or any other incredulous exclamations
Talk about the Achievements we'll get
Actually finish the Endless Setlist on Expert

Take a drink if Kyle (bass)...

Says, "Woohoo!"
Comments on physical fatigue from playing a song
Tries to activate his Overdrive but is unable
Explains something to somebody who already understands the topic or simply doesn't care

Take a drink if Dexter (guitar)...

Stands on one foot during a Big Rock Ending
Starts singing while playing during a song
Stops singing because he messed up the guitar part because he was too busy singing
Corrects somebody's grammar

Hope to see you in the Stickam chat!
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