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Call of Killzone 2: World at Duty: Revenge of the space pig nazis

Killzone 2 is wildly overrated. Before I get slammed by fanboys on both sides screaming "FANBOY!" I'd like to say I own all systems and hate many games on both consoles with separate, but equal fury.

First off, I would like to say yes, I think the visuals are gorgeous, the AI is decent and the set-pieces and scripted stuff are all nice eye candy. I would also like to say that the multiplayer is fun.

So, that being said, this game fucking sucks. You get ONE weapon at a time? ONE fucking weapon? We have effectively traveled backwards in FPS advancements. Remember DOOM? remember how there was fun and strategy in being forced to decide whether to save that last rocket for a giant baddie at the end or to rescue your ass from a room full of imps? Well there's no intellectual problems like that in killzone, where whatever happens to be laying at your feet is whatever you're forced to use at the moment. I mean jesus christ even FEAR fucking 2 let you hold 4 weapons and 4 grenade types at a time. What is Sev, a girl? I mean maybe it's unrealistic to strap 20 different rocket launcher size weapons into a backpack but at least give me one other option. If I want to carry a rocket launcher around in case there's a tank around the corner, I have to pop enemies with the equivalent of a six-shooter bb pistol? Fucking lame.

Stylistically I have played this exact game before. It was called Call of Duty 2 and it was fun back in 2006. A lot of fun. But it's 2009 now, I think, and fuck it, I expect something a little different. Now I never played killzone 1 but I assume that because the enemies look like space pigs everybody is fooled into thinking they aren't nazis? they are nazis. This is a world war 2 shooter with a space lift, (get it?) nothing new or inventive or genius about it, shitty fucking dialogue and some of the flattest, most uninteresting characters I have ever seen in a video game. It has no sense of humor, takes itself way too seriously, the controls are floaty pieces of shit (yes, tried all configurations, still feels like steering a tank, which speaking of, only control slightly better than riding a hippopotamus with reins made of dental floss) and extremely repetitive, boring gameplay with minimal enemy variations.

I'm as much of a graphics whore as the next guy but why all the amazing reviews for this derivative, boring piece of garbage? I don't get it. Honestly I enjoyed F.E.A.R. 2 about ten times as much. Say what you want about Gears of War 2, but I enjoyed every second of the single player campaign, was entertained by many of the (admittedly easy to spot) plot twists, and the varied environments and baddies at least made me want to push forward.
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