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My magic bean has grown tall for Majora's Mask


What can I say about the Legend of Zelda that hasn't been said before? The series has very rarely ever let me down. Every Zelda title I have ever purchased has at least lived up to it's price. The series has helped inspire and just hands down elevate the world of video games. From kids dressing up as Link for Halloween to those nerdy mutha fuckas babbling about it's genius design or it's "bah bah bad ovverratted gaynezz", the Legend of Zelda is quite the uhhhh....legend (laugh).

With all of that said, the Legend of Zelda rarely departs from it's formula. The series manages to keep itself somewhat fresh with each new installment with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics (Ex. "Wow mom, I can finally swing a sword pressing the A button on horseback. I mean, using a bow with a C button was neato, but this is totally well, gollyriffic."). I'm not saying this is horrible, at least Nintendo tries to change up a few things up. Essentially though, we are all just playing the same game over and over. Then again, that is why most of us have stuck to the series.

The two Zelda titles I believe that have brought a great deal of change are also the two that are often labeled as the black sheep (excluding the cd-i game) of the Zelda family. Link's Adventure and Majora's Mask. Now Link's Adventure, although it was different, to be frank, it lost most of it's original charm by transitioning itself into more of a platformer. Personally, I've never been one to get into it. I've tried and tried, but it's just not my game. Majora's Mask however is very much my game. It is different just as Link's Adventure was, but it still retains that charm. I've never understood why so many folks haven't played this game.


What exactly do I love about Majora's Mask? I love the depth, the spirit, and the moments it gave me. Majora's Mask differentiates itself from the other titles by blowing life into the characters around you. They all live out their life one day at a time, doing things on an hourly basis, taking life as it comes, living. Playing our role as pretty much Bill Murray here, we can look deeper within the characters surrounding us, see their stories, and really make a connection that makes us say "Hey, maybe this world is truly worth saving".

How many times have we saved the world in video games? Have we ever really felt joy saving it, or was our joy merely just for the excitement of completion? Well, if video games are supposed to be experiences, I cherish anything that will make me hold on a little closer and care a little bit more. Majora's Mask does that for me.

Although the characters and their own stories are what excites me most about Majora's Mask, the game itself still retains most of the Zelda formula. There are still dungeons, only 4 though; tools, enemies, special items, and bosses. You will need to acquire something in each dungeon to progress, there are secrets, shops, and events scattered all over the world, and it's up to you to explore and save Hyrul----oops, Termina, yes Termina.


The formula has a twist to it though. Time manipulation. This is the thing I've heard most people complain about. "There's not enough time", ya know, fuck that, FUCK THAT!!! There is enough time, there is always enough time. Once you learn how to prioritize your journey and play the song of time backwards, you'll have no problems with the time limit in this game whatsoever. Majora's Mask, much like every other Zelda game, was put together very well, with the player in mind. You really have to try to run out of time or get yourself stuck.

I guess this blog can sum itself up in one simple message. PLAY MAJORA'S MASK!!! You loved Ocarina of Time, you loved a Link to the Past, and you loved the original, now try this game out. Most fans whine and whine about every Zelda game being essentially the same, now here's one that once broke that mold, and most of you dicks never even gave it a fighting chance or played it. Hate it if you must, just play the goddamn game. Thank you, and goodnight.
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