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Riding the Wave

It begins with a peculiar feeling in the gut. It tingles a bit. Soon it becomes hard to ignore. It rushes forth within you, and cognitive function becomes impossible. You find yourself unable to hide it. It continues to build and build until it reaches its peak. And finally, release. Satisfaction has been achieved until next time. Rinse and repeat.

Such is the roller coaster that is known as riding the wave of hype. In this particular instance, the big wave is Killzone 2. I avoided the hype, resisted the hype, faced the hype, and now, welcome the hype with open arms.

I tend to think that I can resist the hype machine as it churns out its wave for us all to surf on. In this instance, I could not. However, I'm sure I'll be able to resist Resident Evil 5. At least, I hope I can. Maybe. Or not.

PS- (Totally unrelated, but I found this hilarious)-

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