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Twisting your arm.

I jumped from site to site, scowering the news that was useful to know, joining a handful of obsure sites that offered tidbits of the old surfergirl insider news/rumors. I had not been to d-toid just yet. Then one day on the ps-blog i got linked to destructiod by an interview or something (i can't remember), i liked the layout, articles poured in every hour, every time i came back there something new to read. I had not joined by that time, i wasn't intrigued enough to join just yet.......

Then i read about a metal gear discusssion that was appearently in a podcast. So i downloaded it to hear this token cunt yeller speak in a Solid Snake gruffed voice (a hind d? Whats a hind d doing at a millitary installation?) I laughed harder then Obama did after McCain choose Sarah Palin as his VP. The rest of the podcast was equaly as funny and the funnyman himself was none other than Jim Sterling (my hero). I had to join now, it had left that much of an impression on me. My arm had been twisted.

So, that was my catalyst to join this great website known as destructioid. I could not have made a better choice and now because of that choice i have psn japanesse ps1 games that i received from some really good people, those same people love to play poker and other games together and get drunk while doing it. I couldn't be happier. This little website has some incredible people that share the same if not more passion for games that i have. I wuv you guys and gals.

My first several blogs were horrilble and failed on every aspect, i only had the ps3 browser to write them and they were really short, a few were decent but most weren't. I think i've learned alot from those experiences. One thing that i won't change though is my horrible header, a reminder of where and how i came up on this site. I think my blogs have gotten a bit better but nothing to jizz about. Now i choose very carefully what to blog about and think about it for several days before even writting it. That is my story of d-toid evolution.

What i have to ask from you is: what was your catalyst for joining? Was is a podtoid like me or the c-blogging awesome rocking community or perhaps a friend who kept twisting your arm to join or something else? It had to be something, tell me about it in the comments, i would love to hear about it.

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About Qrazeone of us since 6:23 PM on 01.12.2008

my favorite games are and in this order until after gta.
the Metal Gear series as a whole.
the final fantasy series as a whole.
the gta series as a whole.
the first resident evil.
the first suffering.
the castlevania series as a whole.
some super mario world of course.
a few zelda titles.
the aqua teen hunger force as a whole.
the soon to be announced rob zombie game (my breath is held).
contra 1,2 and super.
streets of rage.
soulcaliber series as a whole (soul blade included).
some game by the name of chronic the hemphog.
burning the trees.
barak obama: the anti-chr...
the devil my cry series as a just the first two.
chrono trigger and cross.
kotor 1 and 2.
gran turismo.
ssx tricky (its tricky,tricky!).
sim earth.
sim ant.
lake and ocean odell.
evo:the search for eden.
star ocean snes.
front mission as a series.
r.a.d.(robot alchemic drive).
frequency (due to the fact i was into eating beans a few years ago and you could easily create awesome blow-up beats and fuck like a rabbit with a horse cock).
that one where you did that thing that was cool and shit.
mario kart64.
and oh so many i can't remember but they were good games i think.

greatest video game/related movies:
silent hill (just for mirroring the source material so well)
brainscan (way ahead of its time)
and i think thats about it for the movies.

music: i love all kinds of musak but my favorite is hardcore and hip-hop. but i also listen to reggae, bluegrass, punk, old rock and roll, jazz, blues, fucking everything we as humans can perform well. My favorite band is AC/DC (Bon Scott era). And Tupac Shakur (The best fucking ever) and A Tribe Called Quest (smooth shit, like real smooth).

my greatest inspiration: Nicola Tesla.
i slowly turn the heat up in the shower until it doesn't go no more.
fire it up.

message me to play whatever psn id: Qraze
Xbox LIVE:no box for me
Mii code:i pii on the wii


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