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Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion Trailer is out: My Analysis(Update: Images added)

Last week Konami announced that they would be making a third expansion to the hugely popular(in Japan, mildly popular over here) Metal Gear Online. Well, the trailer for the expansion came out yesterday showing off some of the new stuff that will arrive with the expansion.

3 new maps are shown:

-Hazard House, which looks to be a tweaked and expanded version of the mansion in Act 2 of MGS4.
-Outer Outlet, which looks like...a shopping outlet like they said. So yeah, Dead Rising with out the zombies and more war. Exploding vehicles confirmed as is a parking area.
-Ravaged Riverfront, which looks based on the clocktower area from Act 3 of MGS4. Large body of water confirmed(yay, I can swim).

2 new special characters were shown:

-Raiden(cyborg), who comes with his trusty HF blade. With his HF blade, he can deflect bullets, and of course, slash at people. Also shown is him performing that amazing breakdance spinning kick move from Act 2. He doesn't seem to use the HF blade with his foot while doing that move though, unlike that scene from Act 2.
-Vamp: Uses his knives, and can clash blades with Raidens sword(unless that was just some fancy special effect). Also has throwing knives, and doesn't really seem to die when he is "killed", though he does fall to the ground and seem to have a down time afterwards.
-Oh yeah, they both do flips and such as their "rolling" maneuver.

Also shown were...FROGs? Thats right, when showing off Raiden, he's fighting the FROG unit. It's currently unknown if they are also special characters in some kind of new mode, or if the whole FROG outfit will be available for female characters in the reward shop.

New gear was also show, the most notable being...bras? SWEET, BEWBS! The guys aren't left out of this though as they get the fancy suits and fedora that the rebels in Act 3 wore. Smooth. Other gear shown include a bandoleer for grenades, a new vest, and new belts.

Oh, yeah, did I mention the bunny headgear? As in the bunnies from Silent Hill?

Yes, a character was shown wearing a bunny hat/mask/helmet thing with bloodstains around the mouth. This character was also shown...dancing...turning herself into a walking magazine much like Mei Ling did when the MEME expansion dropped. Since it's tradition for the gear to NOT effect gameplay, could there be a new skill for seductive dancing to hit with SCENE? And while we're on the subject of potential new skills, another character(also female, seems like they're gettin teh special treatment in this trailer) is shown doing a counter-CQC maneuver when her peruser attempts to grab her.

I'm pretty sure that she is also holding a MK. 23 pistol in that scene, which I hope means that they are finally releasing some new weapons to use with the normal characters. Oh and, before I forget, this character also has a new type of hairstyle(as well as a few other characters, male and female). Whether this means either there will be new face/hair types for character creation(damn you Konami if it is), or if it's some kind of "wig" in the reward shop, I don't know.

Oh, here I am rambling on the trailer, and I haven't shown it. Well, here it is. It's not as good as the MEME trailer in my opinion, but it's still pretty fun.

Oh...yeah, did I mention that last scene where Snake has a Kerotan floating over his head? Now, I don't actually know what that signifies, nor have a spoken to anyone who does know. It seems to me to be a hint that maybe we'll see the return of MGO1's Sneaking mode.

For those who never got to play the first Metal Gear Online(that came with MGS3:Subsistence), the sneaking mode there was a lot different from the current MGO's. One player got to be Snake, but all the other characters were on one team and had to keep Snake from sneaking in and stealing a microfilm and then making it back to the escape point. Personally, I liked it much more than the current sneaking mode, and it would be cool to see it make a return. Also, I'm pretty sure that's the patriot he's holding. Also(again), where the hell is he standing? There's currently no map with that kind of snowstorm to it? Bonus map maybe?

So, what do you think of SCENE so far? Now that you can use your PSN wallet(yes, those dollars you use in the Playstation Store) to purchase it, do you think you'll be picking it up and joining in with the action? What other things do you hope SCENE has in store and waiting for us?
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