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A Home for the Yakuza


The fighting in the game is brutal

All of this is accompanied by great sound effects, every fist hitting flesh, every object breaking heads, and when you dispose of the last enemy there�s even a slow motion effect to show off your might.
Kyriuu is taller than his enemies, which is one of those details that really make you feel like a famous ex-Yakuza of great strength and might. Walking around amidst the smaller enemies, you�re a force to be reckoned with and can lift them easily, throwing them on top of other punks or headbutting them until they fall down.

This kind of atmosphere isn�t usually on display on games that feature brawling or beat em up gameplay. Devil May Cry is too floaty and light, while God of War, which is very brutish, is too supernatural to be compared to the �real� pain of Yakuza. Only No More Heroes achieves a similar effect, even with all the blood (or ash, in Europe�s case).

But the game isn�t just fighting. There are also diversions, like a batting minigame, and the hostesses, virtual girls that you can chat up and offer gifts and the like, hoping for some more intimate encounters. They don�t go very deep, finishing on a pink screen probably reflecting Kyriuu �getting it on�, but�s great that the feature�s there, even if it kind of reeks of dating sims. In Yakuza you really have to pay even just to chat with these girls, it really is a service that you�re paying for. And it isn�t cheap!

Other details worth mentioning is how you can buy real drinks in the various bars, a lot of them from Suntory (if you�ve seen Lost in Translation, you know what I�m talking about, it�s a very famous Japanese beverage brand), and every time you drink a beverage that you haven�t tasted yet, you gain a couple of experience points. It�s just cool that the game rewards you for trying out the drinks, reading their description and checking them out on the table of the bar.
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