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SFIV: Something to keep in mind


Seth may be a cheap bitch. Maybe you have no trouble at all getting to him on hard mode, and then you spend 45 minutes dealing with his sucky-inny-spitty-outy bullshit. Maybe the fact that he blocks your unblockable attacks and rips you out of the middle of an EX combo to take half your life bar with one hit makes you feel frustrated, or that there's no justice in that final battle. That's okay. Because there's one very important fact that you should not lose sight of; one thing that, at the end of the day, makes you the winner even if you lose the match time and again. See folks,

Seth has no penis.

HAHA YOU HAVE NO PENIS, SETH! HAHAHA! You don't have a vagoo, either! HA! Class, please close your textbooks and turn to point and laugh at Seth, who has no penis, nor a vagina.
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