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Red VS Blue. Its funny time again. (Short blog)

Last week, visiting he RvB site as I usually do I was quite happily surprised to find that the Rooster Teeth guys have once again restarted our favorite machinima series Red Vs Blue. This time with Relocated.



Relocated departs from the super serious tone of Reconstruction and g
oes back to the comedic formula of Red Vs Blue. The crew, which for now only consists of Griff, Simmons, Sarge and Caboose, have been relocated from Blood Gulch to their new bases of operations in Valhalla. Two episodes have already come out and both are pretty funny, though episode number 1 was more of a setup and was reminiscent of parts of episode 1 and 2 from season 1, which is by no means bad.

From what I understand this is a sort of mini series that will go in between Reconstruction and whatever comes next. Kind of like Out of Mind and Recovery One, a little while ago. It will be a setup with a few answered questions and a more comedic approach. I can't say any more without spoiling things so those of you who are not caught up can stop reading here.

Ok, if you ventured here I will assume you are up to date (i.e. finished Reconstruction). Hopefully Relocated will have Church return.... but in what state, wil he return as Season 1 church or will this module have all of the memories that the Reconstruction Church had? What happened to Washington, is he dead, or alive? Where are Tucker and Donut?
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