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Why Dead Space Wii is a light-gun game

I bring to you an exclusive revelation at the meeting where Dead Space Wii was birthed.

EA Exec 1: Okay everyone, the Wii's install base is too big to ignore. We need to make a game for it, so how about we use the Dead Space IP?
EA Exec 2: Yes, I think we must. Now, the Wii library has a severe lack of third-person shooters, and RE4 sold oodles on it. Dead Space is very similar to RE4, so logic tells us we can address this market and help bolster the IP's sales and popularity. Also, we have an old build of Dead Space that ran on the original XBox, so logic tells us they may get an enhanced port of the XBox version if we put enough effort into it, as we said we'll make games of Nintendo quality.
EA Exec 1: ...Resident Evil... ! ... Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles!
EA Exec 2: That's it--we'll make a quick cash-in that has nothing to do with what people liked about the first game! They'll love it!
EA Exec 1: Brilliant!

...yes, I am bitter. And I have every right to be. Graphics be damned, this is nothing but a quick "me-too" cash in that will no doubt attempt to fund Dead Space 2 on PS3/360. And if/when this game does poorly on Wii EA will cry bitter tears that Wii owners don't want hardcore games.

Let me be upfront: This game may very well be decent. But that's not the point--this is the same problem as with Soul Calibur Legends, Castlevania Judgment, and Umbrella Chronicles. All of these games are decent (if not good), but they're not what people want or expect from the IP. You can't blame people for being upset they're getting a spinoff that has little to nothing in common with what made them love the IP in the first place.

This IP properly used on Wii could be an incredible amalgamation of Metroid Prime 3, Resident Evil, even System Shock if done right. There's no reason why they couldn't use the engine code for the original XBox version and optimize it on Wii--it would have addressed a very wanting market on Wii, and it would have cost much less than an HD project. Even if it were a "dumbed-down port' (which it wouldn't be, since they'd be porting from a system weaker than Wii), RE4's sales prove that excellent controls and extra bonuses (not included in RE4 GC) will make up for it. But they chose not to fund and give the Wii a game that could shine, and are making Dead Space Umbrella Chronicles.

This is getting old, people. All third-parties are accomplishing by these lazy attempts is fueling resentment from millions of potential buyers who have gaping holes in the Wii software library.
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