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Street Fighter IV US print ad = fail, Japan = predictably rad

Continuing the fine tradition of shockingly bad print advertising for videogames here in the states, Street Fighter 4 presents us with this shockingly magenta quandry:

"To Hadouken or not to Hadouken?"

It's got an over-airbrushed Ryu and... E. Honda? Wha-? Cause the first fighter I think about in Street Fighter is E. Honda. Plus a really tiny logo and even tinier screenshots. What is that, a law or something? This ad is running in the currently shelved comic books of our fair nation, and probably a gaming mag or two.

Now for fun, let us compare to the print ads featured in Japan-- which a keen friend from the land of all things awesome was kind enough to forward me after I regained my eyesight and sought redemption. These are ads you'll find in Famitsu, at trade shows, subway platforms, etc.:

"Screenshots? We don't need no stinking screenshots! We have art!" Now lastly is the coolest one, abstractly, perhaps. My friend explains it as "All the special moves written as if from a class studying calligraphy, marked up by the teacher."

Any yet we get to Hadouken or not to Hadouken. How about a Spinning Star Kick to the gonads, pinky.

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