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Street Fighter IV FightPad w/video


Being that I've always played a Street Fighter title with a D-pad, I decided to go out and buy the new Street Fighter IV Fightpad yesterday and I'm in love with it. I already knew that it would be amazing because I got the chance to play with it earlier in the year and it's as awesome now as it was last month.

If you ever played with the 6 button Sega controller or the Sega Saturn controller then you already know what the pad feels like. We all know that the pads on both the 360 and PS3 leave you wanting more and surprisingly Mad Catz nailed it. My only complaint with the 360 version is that it's not wireless but I can live with that.

The footage above contains a section of me playing online against someone and I almost get my ass beaten. To be honest, I was playing it on my Macbook Pro screen so that I could capture the footage. Also, I was kind of leaning to the right so I could capture the footage of me playing with the controller. I'm honestly not that bad at the game.


If you have any random question about the pad that I could answer, feel free to ask away.
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