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The Lost and Damned...1 hr in.


Firstly let me just say that i am writing this only one hour in so i have no doubt there will be plenty of nuggets of joy that i have yet to view/play/ hear but let me be the first to say: Game Developers...Ahem...THIS IS HOW THE DLC CONCEPT WORKS BITCHES!

Firstly the price point should not be an issue, from the looks of this so far, this should be almost treated as a new game in itself. Horse Armour, this fucking aint.

The gang mechanic thus far is excellent. The ability to call in support from fellow gang members, is a stroke of genius. Added to that is the RPG aspect that the gang level up in strength and overall handiness in firefights as you do missions for each member individually. Nice touch.

The bike riding has been improved, almost too much. I mean i hit a car head on going full speed and didnt fly off the bike, that suprised me and could have been a one off but overall its an improvement. Bikes handle better which should see people enjoying the 10, possibly more, new bikes. Fuck YEA!

The music...Where do i begin. Thus far i've heard The Doors/James Gang/Bon Jovi/Saxon/Doobie Brothers/Iron Maiden on Liberty Rock and Cannibal Corpse/Bathory/Deicide on L.C.H.C. Dan Houser's past in the music industry shines through once again because there are few games that can use existing music so effectively in film or gaming today. I spent 4-5 minutes just cruising with the gang around Alderney when Wanted, Dead or Alive came on. Few games can cause that effect. The ability to engross you into the world contained within.

Overall the game has not disappointed thus far, the cutscenes and voice work are tight and has the same polish that Rockstar has delivered on time and time again. If i had one criticism thus far, it would be the difficulty of connecting with the protagonist this time. Niko was a more human character while Johnny thus far seems like an angsty teen, angry with the world and honestly a little too emo. As the game fleshs out im hoping that we get an insight into his 'issues'.

Anyone on the fence about this DLC, nay, game shouldn't be. This, like GTA IV, has set the standard in the industry on several aspects. After the shift in developers to hold the goodies back for DLC and bleed the gamers of the world dry, its nice to see a developer do a very rare thing. Make a great game even better at a price that they easily could have charged more for.

Thanks R*
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