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The new hotness: Customising my Hori Fight Stick.

Hey guys,
It's been a short while since my last post, hope you all missed me ;)
What? You didn't miss me? You've never heard of Puppy Licks? Owh internet, you're so cruel...

Ahem. Ah yes the blog! I was writing something wasn't I?
Anyways it's kind of obvious that I am very much looking forward to the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV on console, so much so that I acquired a Hori EX2 Fight Stick for christmas with the intention of giving it an overhaul. January was kind of busy for me so my Stick-Builidng plans had to get postponed for a couple of weeks and my project started to fade to the wayside.

However this month I have had a bit more free time, and the building hype amongst me and my friends for this game is reaching fever pitch, and I'll be damned if I'm going to play my first console game of SFIV on a boring-ass plain vanilla Hori stick.

So I set myself a deadline, Feb 20 (SFIV's release date), and I got to work.

Step 1 - Get a Hori Stick

I'm really happy with how this turned out, I have tested it out and all the buttons are really responsive and the octagonal gate works like a dream. Best of all it's done just in time for the Street Fighter IV release this week. I can't wait to put this thing through it's paces this weekend! :D

A big thanks goes out to my Dad who was a great help with the soldering and the bending of the button connections, he has a lot more experience than I do with building things so without him I probably would have messed this up for sure. :P

Also here are some helpful links and tuts that I owe thanks to and may be of use to you if you wish to customise a Hori EX2 as well.

SRK EX2 Mod thread
Street Fighter Pro EX2 guide
Pinecone Attack's EX2 Mod Guide
Modthebox's Vinyl Dye Guide
Lizard Lick for acade parts

aaaaaand that's about it, also thanks to Capcom for making Street Fighter IV which drove me to make this custom stick in the first place.

Now, off to smash some faces... Street Fighter Style :D

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