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The most depressing game gifts ever

We all know that feeling of begging your parents or relatives for the shiny new game for Christmas or a birthday. You beg and plead and drill the name in their head to the point were even you get tired of mentioning it. Once the fateful day comes you are practically shaking with anticipation. You open that gift and get it! An extreme rush of joy comes over you and it�s the best day of your life (until the next gift giving day). The sad thing is growing up this didn�t always exactly work out the way we plan it and we can get games that can�t actually be some of the most depressing gifts ever. So here are seven of the most depressing gaming gifts you can ever get besides the obvious you didn�t get one.

7. A Gamestop gift card for ten dollars

This is coming for my experience last Christmas. My friend got me a ten dollar gift card to Gamestop. Why I love her to death for thinking of me. A Gamestop gift card was probably one of the most disappointing gifts I ever got. For one nothing new or even used ever costs ten dollars. So I could either look at it like a coupon or a bill for a minimum of twenty dollars or possibly fifty! On top of all that I�m forced to go into Gamestop which is in my opinion the worst place to buy videogames. I still haven�t used that card and I doubt I ever will.

Only the last thing ever happened to me and I�m very thankful for that. So has any of you ever had one of these things actually happen or do you have a situation that I didn�t think of?

(Thanks goes to ProfPew and EDS for inspiring me to write this
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