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[NVGR] Pendelton Steals craineum's Son...

...well, I believe that's what this Portuguese site would have you believe.

So, being bored this evening, I decided to do what any petty internet user does for fun: I Googled myself. Well, not my full name, just "pendelton21". As I was going through the sites (the usual amalgam of my blog posts and, strangely, my name being brought up in a conversation with Wardrox about Perler beads), I get to the end of the list, only to find a site listing I hadn't seen before:

Upon further inspection, I came to a page that had, oddly, my screen name, and the video ofcraineum's son in his Mega Man costume, making the PEW PEW PEW noise (SO PRECIOUS!!!), and I was confused. After sending some of the page through a translator, I came back with this: "The user pendelton21 of the Destructoid (that she is one of my daily readings) made a legal fancy very of Megaman there it its son to use in this halloween and still he made question to record giving it shots (PEW! PEW! PEW) e to show for everybody!'

This can only mean one thing; the Portuguese believe I have some sort of sick child prostitution ring, involving dressing up small children as video game characters and selling them to the highest bidder.

Or they just made a simple mistake. To be honest, I think it could go either way.
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