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Billy Mays calls out Vince (NVGR)


About a month I started a poll on the forums to help me settle a bet with a couple pals. The argument started while watching tv with a couple of friends when back to back commercials of Billy Mays selling mighty putty and Vince selling shamwow came on. As you can imagine this spawned what some might call the greatest debate of all time. Who is the greatest salesman in history?

Sides were quickly picked, some chose the bearded messianic figure Billy Mays while others chose the crafty upstart Vince. Barbs were thrown back and forth mocking headsets, voice volume, and the true quality of German products. Then the argument took an unforeseen turn when the phrase "They ain't got shit on Ron Popeil" was uttered. This brought up questions like "Why would I want to make my own pasta?" and "When was the last time you drove by a pond and had the urgent desire to fish?". So the poll was born, mainly to settle a bet, more importantly to decide who was the greatest salesman of all time.

As is the case in life, the plebeians squabbled in their hut while the kings fought on the battlefield. Some shit went down at the Super Bowl, and Billy Mays is pissed. He retells the story during an interview on the Adam Carolla Show and goes on a tirade about how Vince is knocking off his products. It all culminates when Billy calls out Vince and challenges him to a Pitch Off. Check out the clip then vote on the poll. Who is the highlander of salesman, for there can be only one.

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