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Deadly Creatures, Front Mission 4, Trace Memory, and Gundam (oh my!)

So, I just recently finished Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition[i] (amazing), so I wanted a new game for my Wii. I figured Rainbow's new release [i]Deadly Creatures would be as good a choice as any, so I went to my local GameStop to pick it up. Of course, along the way, I notice they have some hard-to-find (and cheap) games that are on my backlog, so I picked up Front Mission 4 and Trace Memory at low prices.

So far I've only played Deadly Creatures, and while obviously it's no AAA title, I do think it's neat so far. The combat--while simplistic--is furious and involving, and the ambiance in the game is great. The scope of the big environment and your being a little arachnid is atmospheric (especially when you hear Billy Bob Thorton's character walking and talking in the background), and the music quite honestly is reminiscent of Half-Life 2 in its brooding tone, almost electronic tone.

The scorpion is badass, by the way.

I'm looking forward to the other two games, but I have an exam tomorrow so they'll have to wait. I will say though that I'm very concerned that Trace Memory 2 was announced for Europe but not North America... if NoA pulls another Disaster, so help me god, I'll kick Reggie's ass myself.

Anyway... I know d-toid member Char has been following my previous Gundam randomness, so here's something he's a bit more likely to enjoy.

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