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The Mushihimesama Collection

Let see, seeing my good friend Funktastic posting his collections on Destructoid, I have decided to post a blog on a game collection of mine based on Mushihimesama. (Of course he called me a f****** moron for buying this, but that won't stop me. ) Anyways because I like the first Mushihimesama quite alot, I have decided that no matter what, I must play the sequel. But when I heard its arcade only, I have forced myself to get a Candy Cab and brought the Arcade PCB board just to play the game. Also trying to collect much merchandise of this series as much as possible.

Items needed
Mushihimesama Poster
Mushihimesama Futari 1.5
Mushihimesama INF 1/4 Scale Resin Kit (SECRET LOVER TYPE)
Mushihimesama INF 1/7 Scale Resin Kit
Mushihime TAMA

I am not exactly rich either, so I do not have an entire collection yet. But surely and slowly I will eventally collect every piece of Mushihimesama merchandise that exist on earth.

PS. If you're an Persona fan please check out my guide on Persona 4 on gamefaqs and leave me a feedback.
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