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Reviewers Have a Responsibility to be Subjective and Biased


If a reviewer feels as if the PS3 hasn't had enough quality games so far and that Killzone 2 is a diamond in the rough then I want to hear about it. A lot of PS3 fans understand that this is one of the make-or-break games for the system. If someone loves the Wii and a game comes out that exemplifies all the reasons why they love it then I want to share in their excitement. Yet some people would have them pull back from that and pretend that it's just another game coming out of the unbranded game factory: this is, for some reason, supposed to be 'integrity.'

Subjectivity and personal bias are the lifeblood of the reviewer. Without them they've got nothing, because they're exactly the thing that transforms a review from something anyone could have written to a piece of text that genuinely engages the reader about the game and gives them a true sense of what it may be like to play it. In the end, it's up to the reader whether the reviewer was a suitable conduit through which to garner an impression of the game.
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