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NYCC: X-Men Origins: Wolverine has blood, buckets and buckets of it


Wolverine: Agile enough for a Tomb Raider fan, but made for a dude with testosterone spilling out of his eyeballs.

The Marvel/Activision panel devoted to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine revealed that the team on XMO:W hates Quicktime Events-- saying, and I quote, "Screw That!" I have no commentary on this statement other than the fact that it pleases me greatly.

If you've been following Nick Chester's coverage of the feral Canadian's new game, then you already know that it's violent--quite possibly setting a new bar for violence in action games. I may have seen impaling, decapitation, and evisceration in a game before, but never so many instances of each in a short five-minute gameplay demo. The thing that's strange about it is I'm all ready to whip out fun words like "gratuitous" whenever I see this level of gore, but if I consider the concept of the game, it's really not gratuitous at all: This is the side of Wolverine's character that all popular media that utilizes him has staunchly refused to deal with up to this point. It never bothered me personally that Wolverine's claws were essentially treated as boxing gloves in the X-Men Legends games, because I figured that no one really wanted to see what a set of razor-sharp implements would realistically do to someone's throat-- however if you do, you are certainly in for a treat that's been a long time coming.

Usually when you hear a phrase like "we're taking a new approach to the character", you can safely tune it out because it's all marketing babble-speak that doesn't mean anything, but in this case Raven Software put their money where their mouth is, and despite the fact that I don't have much interest in gory games, I salute them for it. You truly have never seen Wolvie like this.

Aside from the violence, XMO:W features surprisingly beautiful environments, and some Tomb Raider-esque ledge shimmying that makes me think Logan and Lara should seriously consider hooking up one of these days: Their kids would be the best ledge-climbers EVER. More importantly, according to Raven's Dan Vondrack, you unlock all of Wolvie's abilities during the first hour of play; They refused to nerf Wolverine by making him underpowered at the beginning of the game. Considering that one of many annoying conventions of superhero games is the selective-anmesiac "I totally forgot how to use all of my powers since my last game!" nonsense, veterans of Raven's earlier games will applaud this development.

Raven was planning on showing a never-before-seen event where Wolverine fights a massive Sentinel, but the Xbox360 froze at the beginning of the scene twice, so they gave up and dismissed the panel. Panel attendees seemed perfectly content to blame the hardware rather than the Raven team, and there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Finally, in case you were wondering: Jubilee is not in the game, and therefore, you cannot kill her. They did not address this subject during the panel, but I asked afterward for the sake of misogynistic comic nerds everywhere who have been waiting to take out the Jubester ever since '89. See what I do for you guys?

Oh, and uh...yeah. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: They showed a trailer. The story is based on Marvel's Civil War event (so comic fans will be happy to know that the same pseudo-intellectual attempt at social commentary that currently plagues the Marvel U. will now be invading the games as well), and they will not give out a roster. Considering that all anyone and their mom seems to want concerning this game is a roster, there isn't much else to say. I will go out on a limb here and predict that Iron Man a)will be in the game and b)will be just as big a dick as he is in the comics.
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