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Quick Ass Review Time: L4D and Gears 2

So, this week takes a slight turn from my other blog reviews, because these two titles are ones that I purchased. Not saying they are more notable because of it, although that may be, I guess all it means is I can play these whenever I want Ďcause theyíre on my shelf full-time. I took my time playing them and was in no rush to beat them. Take that as you will.

Left 4 Dead

Alright, so what can I say about L4D that already hasnít been said? It won Dtoidís GOTY as well as being near the top of almost every other website and publicationsí lists, as well. Itís a phenomenal multiplayer experience and has one of the highest levels of combined replayability and visceral thrills. To sum up how I feel, it has yet to get old.

However, for this review, knowing that I think itís the best multiplayer game since CoD4, knowing the graphic fidelity isnít as high as a title such as Gears 2 (and that I donít care), knowing I think itís one of the best zombie games to come outÖ ever, or that Iím not bothered by the ďlack of contentĒ some people talk about, Iíve decided to focus on something else entirely. Iím going to focus on the one thing that pisses me off Ďtil no end every single time I play the game. It pissed me off when the game was announced and it pissed me off the other night when I played with my old college roommate over Live. No, itís not the AI Director. Itís the fact that no single enemy in the game is a zombie. Yeah. Not one.

Fuck these things in their alien butts. Seriously.

Until Epic works out a formula wherein they can deliver solid experiences throughout their game packages (meaning multiplayer canít be gimped for months on end) starting on day one of sales, Iím simply not into buying their titles. There are much better purchases available and games more worth my time and effort. Gears 2 is a fun solid single (or co-op) shooter, but donít go into the multiplayer thinking youíll have fun with people crab walking and shooting you through walls, Ďcause you wonít.

PS Ė For anyone that says they released a patch fixing some issues, do the gene pool a favor and shoot yourself in the head now. Itís called QA/Beta testing. Epic needs to learn what that means before they release their next title.

Single player review score: 9/10
Multiplayer review score: 6/10
Quick ass review score: 7.5/10

Up next will be Mirror's Edge and Too Human.

Thanks for reading!

**All images provided by IGN and Google Image Search.**
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