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NY Comic Con: Wii is Teddy Ruxpin, DLC is WTF


In a statement that he immediately admitted was going to come back to haunt him, Bethesda's Todd Howard quipped that he viewed the Wii not as competition, but "Like Teddy Ruxpin, or a Cabbage Patch Kid." The Fallout 3 producer echoed recent statements from several Sony and Microsoft execs at the NYCC panel, "MTV News and Newsweek's Video Game Clash--Vs. Mode Live", when he said that the Wii is not a competitor with the PS3 and Xbox 360 because the Wii is not, in fact, a videogame console; it's a toy.

Now, Todd Howard comes off in person as exactly the kind of guy that you want to be in charge of making games, and if he's making a mistake, he's certainly in excellent company. However, the inconvenient fact remains that the Wii actually is a videogame console: I'm pretty sure I was playing Chocobo's Dungeon on it the other day, and once you have Chocobos AND Zelda AND Resident Evil available, you're probably dealing with a videogame console there. The Wii is not a different product: It's the same product that has simply been bought by a wider range of consumers.

So essentially, the argument we keep hearing from a lot of otherwise intelligent videogame personalities is this: "Sony and Microsoft make delicious cake. Nintendo also makes cake, but for some reason a lot of the ice cream fans are buying it too, so their sales are better. From this we can safely deduce that their product must no longer be cake." Everyone involved should be too smart for this silliness.

Other interesting notes from the panel included an admission from Bioshock alum Ken Levine that downloadable content is just too new for anyone to know exactly how to manage it, in response to concern from an audience member that DLC is being exploited as an easy cash cow in recent games. In other news, no one in the greater NYC area is apparently capable of asking a question that takes less than ten minutes to explain.
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