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I am disgusted with myself.....


I recently mentioned in a blog that my Xbox 360 had broken again. I believe it was the fourth time or something like that, but I can't really be sure. I've kind of lost fucking count. Anyway, at first I decided to just send the fucker in for repairs, and I even had the nerve to convince myself I was somehow lucky it broke now, as opposed to it breaking in May when my warranty finally ends. So I called the fuckers at MS up and sent away for my coffin.

Then this past week I went out to get a 1600 MS pts card for the totally awesome Blehman (bloodylip is also awesome and will get his next week!). I decided to check out my local Circuit City while I was out, just to see what kind of deals they had, if any. Well, what do you know, they actually had some good shit for once. All consoles were 20% off, which meant the sole remaining Xbox 360 Elite they had was marked down to $320 from $400.

So I bought the fucker.

As I was hooking up the fucker, I couldn't help but get excited. But then I realized: What the fuck am I so excited for? The fact that I was hooking up a system I should never have had to buy? And then it hit me: Microsoft owns me.

Let me be honest: I love the Xbox 360 as a console. It's got a nice interface and of course it also has the superior Xbox Live. This isn't a matter of opinion; It's become a fact. I own all 3 consoles and I can definitely say one thing is true: PSN and the Wii's online service are ass. PSN works well enough for games considering it's free, but the download speeds suck my balls. Anyway, besides all these things, it's also the more popular console amongst the "hardcore" crowd, or at least the shooter crowd. All of my friends own a 360 but not a PS3. So if I'd like to play with my friends, I'm stuck with a 360.

Pretty much every factor that goes into using or purchasing a console is ruled by MS. And I fucking hate it.

Really, I'd love to abandon the piece of shit and give my eternal love to the PS3, but unfortunately I hate everything about using the PS3. It's a damn shame. Microsoft has me so hooked with stupid shit like achievements and exclusive demos that they know they can sell me consoles that will break. They don't even apologize for it. When you call them for customer support, they treat you like they're doing you a favor. They treat their customers like we're fucking slaves.

And that's because most of us are. We can get a lot of the same games on both consoles, yet I always buy the 360 version. And they know this. They know they have their dick in my ass and that they can do whatever they want.

I pray to God that Sony wins the next round of console wars. I can't take being a slave to MS any longer. This year had better be good for PS3 owners. I need an excuse to turn off the 360.

Anyway, I just felt like venting. Sorry if this doesn't seem coherent.

Back to playing the Xbox 360.
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